Analysis of Insulating Oil

Keep track of how predictive the life cycle of electrical insulation oil.

The electrical equipament with insulation oil, have in its constitution a set of materials, among which we quote the dielectrics, which are mostly organic compounds. These materials when subjected to the action of defects and / or faults (thermal and electric), decomposes to form gas, fuel or not. The gases formed are wholly or partially dissolved in the oil, diluted and transported to all parts affected by it. Thus, the oil analysis assess the state of aging, performance characteristics and contamination of the insulating oil. For the preparation of analytical diagnosis, assess the insulating oils, by verifying different properties, through the techniques of:

 - Physicochemical analysis routine
- Analysis by gas chromatography dissolved gaseous phase
- PCBs
- Degree of polymerization
- Furfural and passivating
- Sulfur corrosion
- Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
- Stability to oxidation
- Carbonyl
- Vegetable oil
- And R-Temp Silicone
- Compatibility
- Particle Count