The Software S3i is definitely a global product

To attend the always growing tax of new users inside and outside of Brazil, we now have the pleasure to announce the launching of the multilingual version of the software S3i

To attend the always growing demand in the number of clients outside of Brazil, Pred Engenharia is now providing to users the complete version in English and in Spanish.


This is a breakthrough that consolidates the software S3i as a global product. With it, the research activities and the development of new evolutionary versions become dissolved and shared in every market we operate, thus, coming to optimize the implementation and annual maintenance, including the domestic market


It is important to emphasize  that the software S3i remains as the only system of mobile computing for maintenances with the following peculiarities:


- It is a CLOSED-system;

- Does the AUDIT-effectiveness and quality of inspections in real and integral time;
- Does the management and operationalization of ALL TYPES OF INSPECTION (Predictive, Planned, Autonomous, END, Rounds);

- It has its own methodology of implementation and operation fully aligned to the results in availability and cost of maintenance in the SHORT TERM.


In case you already are a user of the software S3i, in the following week our team will be contacting you to a presentation of our development plan of the system for 2013, this plan you will enjoy fully through the annual contract of maintenance.


And to you, Who isn’t yet a user of the software S3i, ask us for a presentation and understand why we are expanding the portfolio of users in the order of 3% per month!